Mobile ads… are brands wasting their money?

mobile ads

Doesn’t it seem like mobile adds are always getting in the way every time you use an app on your phone? For instance, every time I use Spotify or Pandora I get random ads about popular games in the app store or about music that I usually have no interest in listening to. Very rarely do I see an ad that draws my attention and makes me want to actually click on it.  I mean, are mobile ads really even effective anymore? It seems impossible that brands are even making money off of these adds. However… according to a new study, mobile ads are actually starting to become useful for their brands. Who would’ve thought, right!? 

According to a recent study from Telmetrics, one in three consumers think mobile adds are useful and informative. While this may not seem like a whole lot, that is an increase of 76% from the same time last year. Well… then you might say that clicking an ad is much different than actually visiting the site and making a purchase. That is correct, however, the data has shown that about 40% of people continue their search after clicking an ad. So even if they do not continue to make a purchase right away, the ad has already drawn them into the site. This makes them become aware of the company and maybe even lead to a purchase in the future, ultimately helping the company attain a solid profit from the ads they used to draw the user into their site. Furthermore, most people that are clicking on the ads are in the age range of 18-34 and share many of these ads on social media sites. This is huge for any company and dramatically increases exposure. 

While the data isn’t extensive yet, it shows that mobile ads are becoming more appealing to the user. Who knows, mobile ads may be waiting to hit their stride!