Digital revolutionizes sports

sports and digital

Has it ever occurred to you just how many professional organizations have a digital presence in the 21st century? With the explosion of digital marketing and social media within recent years, sports teams are no longer relying on old ways to promote their organizations to the public. That’s right, they too have gone digital!

As an avid Instagram user, I cannot help but notice the overwhelming number of sports teams I found while simply searching their team name into the search bar. After some research and searching on Instagram, it seems as if every single NFL team has an Instagram account that is updated frequently. These accounts are great for fans because the organizations post relevant pictures and updates on their players and news surrounding the team. Essentially, it makes the fan feel as if they are part of the team by being able to track players and hear the latest news about the ogranization. The accounts also post schedules, scores, and other relevant information for fans. Like Instagram, Facebook is another way sports teams are using social media to increase awareness and build a relationship with fans. But Instagram and Facebook aren’t the only way sports teams are using digital: they are also encompassing blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, content marketing, and even mobile applications.

In today’s digital age, virtually anyone can create and maintain an informative blog that engages users and makes them want to come back for more helpful information. Blogs cover almost any topic imaginable: cooking, DIY work, health and fitness, travel, video games, sports, etc. Focusing on sports, various teams and clubs have used blogging to show the human side of  the sport and show the hard work that comes with it. Arsenal FC, a professional soccer organization, utilized a blogger outreach program to help generate positive publicity among their online community. The program worked with great success, showing other organizations that blogging can be an effective tool to build awareness for fans.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is perhaps one of the most important aspects of digital marketing today. SEO is what helps any website rank high in the search engine results page, thus allowing people to see their website first. If a sports team, coach, or nutritionist is not ranked highly on the SERP, it can be extremely difficult to get traffic to the site, making for a less effective campaign. However, if used well, SEO can be a powerful tool for any organization looking to become or remain a digital powerhouse.

Pay Per click advertising has become huge online, allowing companies to generate more traffic to their website through promoted ads. Essentially, they pay to have an ad show up on the side of the SERP so that users don’t necessarily have to search directly for their team. This is great for sports teams looking to increase revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, or services offered to the fans.

Content marketing is basically creating valuable and relevant content to attract a specified target audience. Content marketing is great because it not only builds awareness, it also creates additional links to your website, thus increasing traffic. Most of all, content marketing is a way to keep your fans and users engaged and interested so that they keep coming back for more.

With the advent of the app store a few years ago, mobile applications have exploded onto the scene. Companies and teams continue to push out apps that are relevant and engaging to the user. Apps can now allow fans from all across the world to stay in touch with their favorite team, no matter where they live. Apps can include highlights of the game, interviews with players, images, and even wallpapers. Furthermore, most of these apps are free for users, requiring no investment, so if  you are unhappy you can simply delete the app.

Digital continues to show how versatile it can truly be! It continues to allow companies and organizations to do things that were never possible before smartphones and the internet. Digital has increased profits and continues to build brand awareness for companies all across the world. It is clear that if a sports team wants to be as effective as possible, it must have a digital presence in the 21st century!