Creating a social business

social business

Have you ever wondered how to create a social business in an increasingly technological world? A social business can have a dramatic influence on the overall productivity of a company and its employees. A recent survey by LinkedIn and Altimeter has found that socially engaged employees are 27% more likely to feel optimistic about their company’s future and 20% more likely to stay at their current company. So… how it is possible to make an entire workforce become an enterprise of social leaders?

Make social media policies that encourage engagement. The first step is to pick a group of experts who will develop social media policies which serve as guardrails for their co-workers. This helps the employees know how to use social media, know what to talk about, and identify content to share. This group then helps select internal and external social media platforms that fit the company’s vision and engagement rules.

Make training for all levels of social. In this stage, you want to develop a program and invite employees to participate. Your company needs to make a pilot group, which will inform your training strategy as employees learn the company’s social media policies. You need to provide practical, hands on content so that employees can learn the ins and outs of the technology available to them.

Equip employees as advocates.  In this stage, you need to focus on making a steady flow of content and allow your employees to share over FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This is the stage where you must see what works and what doesn’t work.  Employees will now be able to target groups they think will benefit your company the most.

If employees are engaged in social media they will know what is going on inside the company and then be able to share that pertinent information to the world. Some of the biggest brands have already utilized this process and have done so very successfully. Social media opens the door to numerous opportunities and new markets that could not be reached otherwise. If employees are properly taught how to utilize social media, the benefits to a company will be well worth the training!