How brands can make funny videos online

funny video

Have you ever seen a brand create an online video that was supposed to be funny but wasn’t at all?  It seemed as if something was missing and that the video left a bad taste in your mouth. For many brands, however, this is a reality that they have dealt with before and can have disastrous consequences if used unwisely.  There is no need to be alarmed if this problem has faced your brand because there are a few simple pointers that can dramatically help make a video funny and convey a message at the same time.

Make the video relatable to the audience. Relability is huge for online videos that are meant to be funny. From personal experience, if I can see myself in the same scenario or have been in the same scenario as the person in the video I am much more likely to laugh hysterically at the video. The brand has already communicated effectively to me and I have a positive image of the brand because of it.

Don’t rely only on big names. Spending money on big name celebrities is not always the way to go.  Some of the funniest online videos I’ve ever seen have actors I have never seen or heard of. While yes, having Steve Carell in one of your videos may seem like a great idea, if it does not effectively communicate to the audience it is just a waste of money.

Don’t make your videos too long. Again, from personal experience funny videos that are longer than a minute or two usually end in me pausing or exiting out of the video. One expert says that funny videos should never be longer than a minute and 45 seconds. Some of the funniest videos I’ve seen online lasted less than 45 seconds. If you can make a funny video short and to the point, the viewer is much more likely to stay immersed in the content.

Don’t focus on one product. If a funny video focuses on a product exclusively, then the viewer will not feel like it has related to him in any way.  One expert says that focusing on the product overtly can take away from the brand story and distract the user from enjoying the material.

Make a distribution strategy. Find a way to get your videos seen by millions of people, not just thousands. Brands can do this through partnerships with big online companies like YouTube, Funny or Die, and other sites who focus on funny content. A successful distribution strategy means greater brand awareness and possibly greater profits as well.

When it comes to laughter in the digital marketing arena, it presents unique opportunities for consumer engagement. Online marketers need to realize how effective funny videos can be if used in the right context. It doesn’t take a genius or a celebrity to make an effective funny video online. While making a funny video online isn’t easy, it can be one of the best ways to engage an audience and make them want more!