Benefits of Social Media for students

social media

Have you ever thought about how important social media can truly be to you as a student? Social media has not been around very long, but it has made a profound impact on high school and college students by helping them stay connected to their friends and family. Although social media can sometimes be seen in the negative light when it is used for malicious and unfriendly purposes, the positives vastly outweigh the negatives if used correctly! Being a college student myself, I can truly say that I have benefited from the use of social media accounts. Let’s take a look at some of the positives when social media is used for the right purposes.

Connections: as I mentioned before, social media allows college students to stay in contact with friends and relatives no matter how far away they are. While I do not live far from home when on campus, I know many friends who do and they rely heavily on social media to keep up with friends back home or relatives as well. My aunt loves to post pictures and comment on photos of mine through Facebook. I usually only see her 3-4 times per year, so Facebook allows me to keep in touch and make it seem as if I see her more often than I do.

Web engagement: social has allowed students to engage with their peers and most of all their teachers and professors. It also allows students to search information that may be relevant to a class or subject that interests them. We as users are able to post almost anything, which can produce immense creativity and innovation. My Instagram account keeps me engaged because some of the clothing companies or Christian artists I follow post special offers or leak information that otherwise I never would have found out about unless I searched the internet for it.

Knowledge: perhaps one of the biggest benefits, social media has made it so much easier for anyone to access new information and learn about new and creative ideas. Again, with my Instagram account I follow National Geographic and some other History accounts, each of which throws out information that I never knew about before until I saw one of their posts. Helpful information for classes can also be found on sites like YouTube where thousands of people have made tips and tricks videos for high school and college students.

Social media marketing: with the advent of social media there has been a huge increase in the number of jobs openings related to digital marketing. Prospective employers now realize just how important social media can be for a campaign and they continue to hire young graduates who have a well rounded knowledge of social media. Taking a digital marketing class can offer huge benefits to students who some day wish to pursue a career in the field of social media.

Social media has completely redefined the way students around the world interact and benefit from its use. From casual social sites like YouTube to more professional sites like LinkedIn, students are gaining knowledge in ways they never could before. Just ask your parents if they remember using social media to help them study for a test or find helpful tips for college: the answer is most definitely going to be no. So, we need to embrace social media and keep finding ways to improve our capability and speed at which we learn!